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Third Party APIs's

If you dont have Third Party API Keys you can create them from the links below!

Go to WhatsApp API Go to PayMob API Go to Google Map API Go to MapBox API Go to Google Recaptcha Console

-1- Whatsapp API is Paid Service, this API is used to interact with customers. An automated Whatsapp is sent when a new Customer is created, recharged, blocked, enabled or billing is done.
-2- PayMob API is a powerful Payment API that can integrate Payment Methods like Easypaisa, JazzCash and Credit Card in WARMUP. They dont charge any upfront charges. They charge 2.5 % to 3.5 % of every transaction.
-3- Google MAP Javascript API is required to detect the Current Location of Device while adding a Customer Data which can be helpful later on.
-4- MAPBox API is Free Service for showing Maps in Customer Portal. Create an Account and Add its Key to use this feature.
-5- Google ReCaptcha is a Powerful feature that protect us from different attacks like DDOS and Intrusions. Create both v2 and v3 Recaptcha keys and add their public and secret keys.

Your Admin Account will not be able to Login until you Enter Recaptcha v3 API Keys. It is advised to create v3 API first, insert v3 API Keys in the form and then submit.